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Greek Cancer Care Center Is founded By Dr Mastaan Akbar Shaikh, Who Is MD In Unani Medicines And Having 23 Years Experience In Unani Medicines, Especially Cancer Cases.

Greek Cancer Care Centers’ Treatment Is Based On, One Of The Ancient System Of Medicines, Named Unani Herbal Medicine And Dietotherapy. As Mentioned In Unani Medicines Literature Each Individual Has a Different Temperament So As Cancer Patients. Each Cancer Case Is Different From Other. And Also It’s Treatment Is Different. On The Basis Of This Concept, We Treat Cancer Cases With Customised Unani Herbal Medicines And Diet. 

Unani Herbal Medicine And Diet Is Different In-Patient To Patient. Unani Medicine Has Both Holistic As Well As Wholistic Approach. It Clears The Tendency Of Body in Recurrence Of Cancer. As We See, in Inspite Of All Measures Like Chemotherapy, Radiation And Surgery, Chances Of Recurrence Are Very High. Also, Unani Medicine For Cancer Is Very Economical. Even Poor Patients Can Afford The Treatment. We Have Long Experience Of Treatment In Cancers. 

Our Treatment Improve Quality Of Life From Very Beginning Of Our Treatment, Which Is Very Important Thing. Also, Our Treatment Reduce Symptoms Very Well.
Many Patients Are Already Benefitted With Our Treatment And Many Are Under Our Treatment With Very Promising Results.

What we Offer

Unani treatment For Cancer

Now the whole world is looking with big hope towards natural medicine (Like Unani & Others) for cancer treatment due to the side effects of chemo, radiation and surgery.
At the greek cancer care centre, we treat cancer cases under the guidance of dr. Mastaan shaikh sir. He is M.D. (Unani Medicine) & has experience of more than 22 years in Unani Herbal Medicines, especially for cancer cases. We treat cancer cases on the basis of Unani fundaments. Every case has a different temperament (Mizaj). Accordingly, we give treatment with customized diet therapy.

Many of the classes of phytochemicals in Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) are finding therapeutic use. In particular, cancer patients are reported to benefit from treatment with Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) and survivability in many cases is significantly enhanced.

Recent studies showed the anti-oxidative and superoxide scavenging activities of individual active components of Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) for their inhibitory activities on lipid peroxidation and anti-cancer properties. Individual Herbal Medicines (Unani Medicine) show antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. In addition to sharing many therapeutic activities, Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) is also used as a nutrient supplement for anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activity.

Numerous in vitro studies of Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) on different cell lines and in vivo studies of Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) have been reported. However, the mechanisms of action remain unclear. This review aims to give an overview of the recent development of Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

The report covers the possible mechanism of action of some of the Herbal medicines (Unani Medicine). In addition, the common properties of Herbal Medicine (Unani Medicine) are described. Finally, the study sheds light on the pharmacological applications of herbal medicine in the treatment of cancer and its potential use as anti-cancer agents.

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